International Slovenian Conference 09: Breakout group on Education/Communication on Close to Nature

Ideas below were submitted for sharing by audience of PS delegates

* points for PS Ireland to consider/discuss

Focus Question 1: EU-wide responses/ experiences of Education and Public Relations related to close to nature forestry

  • Teaching young people is more efficient*
  • Informative signs*
  • Useful to bring journalists to demonstration forests
  • Invite representatives from other stakeholder groups *do more
  • Booklets, films, websites
  • Teach the teachers*
  • Time and patience
  • Balance between theory and practice experiences
  • Tree marking exercises in groups
  • Field visits (forest)
  • Shared experiences
  • Visit and discuss many good examples
  • Discussion; learning by doing
  • Practical e.g’s of CTNF – objects, impact, practices, public
  • Exchange of excursions between countries etc
  • Pro Silva stands at NGO meetings*
  • Demonstration stands used as workshop objects ?
  • Guerrilla marketing – lo cost marketing ?

Focus Question 2: What are the main problems in spreading/communicating Pro Silva ideas

* Also in Ireland

  • Pro Silva principles are not mainstream*
  • Pro Silva ‘a closed group’*
  • No active dissemination of ideas
  • Pro Silva is unknown by other stakeholder groups*
  • Foresters conservative
  • Forestry universities are conservative*
  • Forestry students are taught wrong theories, age class models, clear-cutting etc*
  • Sticking to old thinking schemes
  • Most teachers have been taught in traditional methods*
  • Lack of common ideas
  • Slaughtering of foresters over last 20 years, less employed
  • No post-graduate training?
  • More complex practice to teach
  • Time and money
  • Low budget (funds) because of independence*
  • Industry resistance
  • Difficult to explain complex issues to public & stakeholders
  • Foresters need better communication skills*
  • Forestry is not recognised by public*

Focus Question 3: what are some ideas/solutions? * for things Ireland group may consider/discuss

  • Create summer jobs for forestry students with Pro Silva foresters (mentoring)*
  • Common platform of good examples (computer network)
  • Get teachers into Pro Silva*
  • Forest tours for secondary school teachers*
  • Create student conference about Pro Silva
  • Pro Silva Eramus programme
  • ‘training’ forests
  • Public use? of PS forests
  • Create Pro Silva diplomas for professionals (loggers)
  • Put PS symbol on gates of PS managed forests*
  • License foresters and re-wire them to get continuing education
  • Communication material on (wider) European situation*
  • Closer connections between national groups*
  • Pro Silva should make facebook page and use popular network tools*
  • More general info for the public about forestry and Pro Silva*
  • Inform the politicians*
  • Influence the policy makers*
  • Use images and symbols for communication*
  • Improve the network of demonstration forests (could put a google map on website)*
  • Be aware not to be used as a ‘label’ by other groups
  • Input and contribute to international processes*
  • Find partners and alliances*
  • Political lobbying = permanence for PS Europe
  • Need new allies
  • Make clones of Slovenian foresters!

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