Firewood Usage in Ireland Increasing Steadily

Some interesting stats have just been released by the Department of Agriculture on firewood usage in Ireland.  The results show that the Irish firewood market grew by 35% from 2006 to – 2010. It estimates that almost 200,000 m3 of firewood was sold in 2010, with an estimated value of €29 million. The harvest level is significantly above previous estimates, and ties-in with what is reported from the market, and the growing level of first-thinning in plantations.

This is really great news and is a strong indicator of the growing forest culture in Ireland and the re-connection that is taking place between people and forests.  We have a long way to go but small indicators like these are really positive for those of us in the thick of these developments.

This is also clearly good news for ProSilva Ireland as it indicates the growing demand for early thinnings – the critical first step in transforming forests from even aged plantations to more diverse, permanent forests.

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