ProSilva Ireland in Co. Carlow and Minister to launch ProSilva Guidebook at Irish Forestry show, 5 May, Stradbally

Thanks to members and newcomers who came to the recent Pro Silva Spring field day at a commercial 110 ha farm forest at Spahill, Borris, Co. Carlow. Our thanks especially  to farmer/forester Peter Rose and his wife for hosting such an informative day. Thanks also to visiting ProSilva Wales-based forester Huw Denman and Kilkenny Pro Silva forester, Manus Crowley, for leading and organising the day. We thought we would share some of the photos from the day below.

Peter is mainly involved in suckler cow farming for beef production and commercial farm forestry. Almost half of the total farm area (approx 50ha) has been planted under forestry through the Afforestation scheme. The forest area comprises average sized farm forestry blocks (6ha) ranging in age from 10 years to 26 years old and has a wide range of species including Sitka spruce, Norway spruce, Douglas fir, Larch, Scots pine and hardwoods of ash, sycamore and oak. Forestry operations here are influenced by the fact that the plots are within a Freshwater pearl mussel catchment area.

We looked at a six hectare, 26 year old SS/NS plot that has received a 2nd thinning intervention and is in the process of CCF transformation and also a 20 year old SS/NS stand that has had a 1st thinning.

ProSilva Wales based forester, Huw Denman leading the discussion on selective thinning and transformation of even aged plantations to CCF
Discussions in the aquatic buffer zone on approaches to forest management in fresh water pearl mussel habitats.
Commencement of selective thinning towards irregular stand structures
Discussions on clearfell area (following Storm Darwin) and how best to manage situations of catastrophic windblow.
Forester, ecologist Manus Crowley and ecologist Faith Wilson are part of the ProSilva Ireland committee. Manus is the forester for Peter Rose’s forests.

We were also excited to launch the new ProSilva Ireland CCF fully illustrated practical guide to Close-to-Nature continuous forestry management.

Former chair of ProSilva Ireland, Padriag O’Tuama with the new fully-illustrated ProSilva guide to Close-to-Nature forest management book.

Minister to officially launch New Pro Silva Continuous Cover Forestry Management Guidebook at the 2017 Irish Forestry, Woodland and Bioenergy Show, Stradbally, Friday 5 and Saturday 6 May.

We are very proud of this new publication which was originally produced by our European Pro Silva friends in Wallonia. It has been translated into English with financial assistance from the Forest Service in the Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine. Past ProSilva Ireland Chair, Padriag O’Tuama, has been instrumental in making this first comprehensive, fully-illustrated guide on Close-to-Nature continuous available here in Ireland.

For the first time, ProSilva Ireland will be hosting a stand at the national Irish Forestry, Woodland and Bioenergy show. Please do drop by and say hello; our stand will be manned by ProSilva Ireland experts. You may also like to get your copy of the ProSilva Silviculture guidebook.

The minister will be officially launching the new-to-Ireland Continuous Cover forestry management guidebook during his Friday morning welcoming address.

The new guidebook “Pro Silva Silviculture” provides very practical guidelines on implementing continuous cover forestry and close to nature forestry management practices.


  1. A great thanks to all concerned for a most informative day. Especially to Peter and Anne for their kind hospitality . Most encouraging for “newbies” like myself to see the work being done and to have ‘footsteps’ to follow. Thank you all.

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