From Forest to Furniture: October Field Day

Irish quality in design, workmanship and sustainable timber production was centre stage at the Letterfrack October Field DayPro Silva Ireland teamed up with GMIT Letterfrack to joint-host a field day on Saturday October 6th aimed at bringing together Pro Silva timber producers with added-value end users.

Held at the impressive GMIT National Centre for Excellence in Furniture Design and Technology in Letterfrack, Co. Galway, the day began with a tour of the campus. Attendees first viewed high-end furniture pieces produced by Letterfrack students, and then traced their production backwards via well-equipped workshops, design suites, timber storage and drying facilities, to a sawmill planking oak logs newly arrived from Borris House, Co. Carlow.

The day culminated in a panel discussion and Q&A session, in which Pro Silva forest owners, foresters and contractors found common cause with end users who wanted locally-grown, sustainably produced Irish timber.

With an increasing volume of Irish hardwood ready for market in the coming decades, Letterfrack’s production of quality designer/makers and an increasing awareness of the issues surrounding timber provenance, it was clear there were valuable connections to be made in the years to come. Pro Silva Ireland and GMIT were happy to facilitate the burgeoning conversation.

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