Pro Silva Ireland: Bookings Now Open for Upcoming Tree Marker Training Courses


Course Outline

This course focuses on early-stage transformation of conifer plantations to continuous cover forestry (CCF). It is designed to provide an introduction to the theory of CCF and the practical steps involved in starting the transformation of a planted stand.

The Tree Marker Traning course comprises two indoor sessions and two outdoor sessions, based at Kilteel, Co. Kildare. The forest has a specially-prepared training plot where all the trees are numbered and assessed in terms of a range of qualitative and quantitative attributes. This forms the basis of hands-on training exercises designed to enhance skills in the development and implementation of tree marking prescriptions. Four training exercises are included in the practical sessions, allowing participants to compare three approaches: low, crown and graduated density thinning.

Important forestry terms and statistics are introduced to the discussions. Individual/group feedback is provided from each exercise. This helps participants develop a common understanding of the key steps and measurements required to manage the transformation of planted conifer stands to CCF.

Pro Silva Ireland is most grateful to two Pro Silva Ireland members for making their woodland available for this training course. 

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