Pro Silva Field Days Return!

Pro Silva are delighted to announce the return of our popular Continuous Cover Forestry field days. The Autumn field day will be held on October 9th, 2021, from 11am to 4pm at Springfield Castle Estate, situated in the Golden Vale in Broadford, Co Limerick. The Castle Estate forest features 21.9ha of primarily broadleaf high forest of mixed species, but also includes plots of Sitka spruce. The forest was established in two phases in 1997 and 2001, with assistance of the Forest Service Afforestation Grant and Premium scheme. There is previous history of forestry at the estate and 150 years ago areas were recorded as mixed broadleaf woodland on OSI 1829-1842 map. More of the estate was shown as parkland and field day participants will see some sentinel trees from this time still scattered across the forest and in the estate.

Quality oak at Springfield Castle Estate’s Continuous Cover Forestry managed woodlands.

The primary objective for the forest is for perpetual commercial timber production, whilst maintaining the non-timber environmental and social benefits. This will be achieved through adopting a Continuous Cover Forest (CCF) management system. As the forest is presently an even-aged forest, an initial 12-year plan is in place to initiate transformation from even-aged to irregular forest structure. First thinning interventions were carried out on the broadleaf woodlands when the trees were at 8m height and with assistance from the Forest Service Woodland Improvement Scheme. In 2019, 10ha of the forest was submitted for the Forest Service Continuous Cover Forestry Scheme and first intervention of the transformation plan was carried out in 2020. A further 7.5ha was submitted for this scheme in 2021 and approval received, transformation work will begin pending the issue of a Felling License to carry out thinning in this area.

The focus of the field day will be on 1st and 2nd thinning interventions in the broadleaf forest, parameters for the selection of quality trees and the marking of trees to be removed in thinning. We will discuss initial trials on inventory protocol for forests at first thinning stage that will be managed under CCF which should guide the management prescription for the forest. The application and utilization of the Forest Service WIS CCF scheme will also be discussed and considered.

Pro Silva are very grateful to Jonathan and Betty Sykes of Springfield Castle Estate for hosting the field day

Event begins at 11am

Please bring a packed lunch, suitable clothing & footwear.
The event will be subject to public health guidelines.

The AGM of PSI will also take place at this event.

Location – Springfield Castle: Google Maps Pin Drop-

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