Pro Silva Ireland: Bookings Now Open for Upcoming Tree Marker Training Courses

  Course Outline This course focuses on early-stage transformation of conifer plantations to continuous cover forestry (CCF). It is designed to provide an introduction to the theory of CCF and the practical steps involved in starting the transformation of a…

Pro Silva Tackles Forest Threats

Pro Silva Ireland has joined a call for action on at-risk European forests, while at home offering strategies to tackle threats to Irish woodlands. Delegates to the 2019 Pro Silva Europe Annual Meeting endorsed a declaration calling for a major…

Pro Silva Ireland members talk Continuous Cover Forestry on ‘Ear to the Ground’ RTE TV

The Irish Ear to the Ground programme this week (Thursday 12 December 2019 – go to 16 minutes on the RTE Player, available until 11 January) interviewed Pro Silva Ireland members John Sherlock, Kevin O’Connell and others who demonstrated the benefits of forestry on John’s farm forestry land near Navan, County Meath.