Pro Silva Ireland Annual Forest Days

All are welcome to Pro Silva Ireland Open Forest days. Two Open Forest days are organised by the Pro Silva Ireland committee every year. Sign up on the homepage with your email to get news of our next events.

To increase the knowledge of Close to Nature – Continuous Cover forestry in Ireland, where long term permanent forest management is barely known, the ProSilva Ireland group has over the last 10 years organised public open forest days twice each year, to forests that have been begun to be managed in this way.

At each event experienced ProSilva European members have helped lead the discussions as Ireland has great potential to transform much of its monoculture conifer plantations to mixed species, uneven aged, economically and ecological valuable and vibrant, permanent forests. Such forests will be economically and ecologically more resilient and do much in meeting carbon requirements.

The First ProSilva Open Forest Days

Kylebeg and Ballykilcavan Woods were first visited by Prosilva Ireland in 2002 and are owned by Mr Peter Walsh-Kemmis. Ballykilcavan Wood was revisited in April, 2008 by a group of about 40 members of Prosilva Ireland along with other interested parties. The field day was lead by the Ballykilcavan forest manager and member of Selectfor in the UK, Mr. Huw Denman. Huw was joined by Martijn Boosten, a practitioner of close-to-nature forestry from the Netherlands.

THREE INTERESTING FIELD DAYS were held in August 2002 in Counties Wicklow, Laois and Clare to look at and discuss sites with a view to their conversion to Continuous Cover Forestry.

The following three reports record the sites and discussions during these field days.

  • Glencree was the venue for the first field day, where Coillte research and UCD (part funded by Coford) are studying natural regeneration.
  • Mount Callan in Co. Clare is owned by Robert Tottenham, founder of Pro Silva Ireland and pioneering forester. This field day report gives you the oppertunity to learn about the forests at Mount Callan and the forestry he has been practising there for over five decades!
  • Glengarrif Woods were visited by Pro Silva Ireland during October, 2003. The Oak woodland of Glengarrif and Killarney were visited, with interesting subjects covered such as Rhododendron eradication. Well worth a read, especially for those with Rhododendron in their forests!

Thomas Harttung (President of Pro Silva Europe) was our honoured guest for the two field days reported above!

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