Our Pro Silva Ireland aims


  • Pro Silva Ireland is leading a conversation of new permanent forest management for Irish forests that prioritises forests’ ecological, social and economic values.
  • With over 100 members, Pro Silva Ireland has grown as an active organisation promoting knowledge and practical examples of continuous cover forestry management in counties across Ireland.
  • Pro Silva Ireland has an agreed All Ireland policy that works towards our mission.

The mission of Pro Silva Ireland is:

To develop and promote the Pro Silva Principles in Irish forestry which, through a diversification of age and species structures allow for the full development of the forests ecological role and the simultaneous economic production of high quality forest products.


The overriding objectives of Pro Silva Ireland are laid down in the constitution and are as follows:

  1. To operate throughout the island of Ireland
  2. To conform to the Principles of Pro Silva Europe
  3. To Promote Pro Silva Principles of forestry practice in Ireland

In addition to these, more specific aims are proposed as follows:

  1. To promote a greater awareness and understanding of silvicultural systems conforming to ProSilva Principles amongst our members and the forestry sector in general.
  2. To develop a greater level of expertise amongst foresters and forest owners in the practice of silvicultural systems conforming to Pro Silva Principles in Ireland.
  3. To support research into the dynamics of forest ecosystems, particularly those processes critically associated with silvicultural systems conforming to ProSilva Principles in Ireland.
  4. To support the adaptation and development of silvicultural systems conforming to ProSilva Principles for use in Ireland.
  5. To promote the development of an Irish market for large dimensioned timber, both hardwood and softwood.

See our detailed Strategies and Actions to achieve the above aims.

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