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Close-to-Nature forestry is good for forests, people and the planet.  I’m excited to be a part of a growing conversation for permanent forests in Ireland.

Cathy Fitzgerald; Pro Silva Ireland Committee, eco-social artist, caretaker – Hollywood Forest, Carlow

One of the things that I personally got from the Pro Silva Ireland Continuous Cover Forestry training day was a strong sense of the necessity of engagement with the forest on an on-going basis, over its, and our, lifetimes. This…

Brian Browne

To me, ProSilva forest management provides the means where forests can be manged to produce high quality timber and in a financial and ecologically sustainable manner, whilst maintaining forest condition and habitat.

Padriag O’Tuama: Forest Consultant, former District Manager for Coillte; Past Chair of Pro Silva Ireland 2010-15

Membership of Pro Silva Ireland has been a really enriching experience for me both professionally and personally.  Those of us who founded Pro Silva Ireland back in 2000 did so to explore the alternatives to clearfelling in Ireland.  But we…

Paddy Purser, forest consultant, Chair and co-founder of Pro Silva Ireland

CCF has the potential to deliver economic, environmental and social benefits like no other form of sustainable forestry. The science of CCF is rapidly developing to provide  foresters and woodland owners with the information required for best practice. As a…

Ted Wilson: MSIF, Walsh Fellow in Silviculture,Teagasc Forestry Development Dept. Ted Wilson, Silviculturist

The Pro Silva approach to woodland management offers enormous benefits to biodiversity and wildlife by providing a permanent forest structure in which fauna and flora can thrive over many generations. The awareness of the importance of the protection of our…

Faith Wilson: Ecological Consultant BSc CEnv MCIEEM

On the right site, established spruce plantations can present an opportunity to convert to CCF systems, transforming over time to become the diverse and resilient woodlands we need for the ongoing provision of timber and other ecosystem services.

Sean Hoskins: Forestry Contractor and Student

Our 2 acres of woodland is more diverse and thriving; and is providing 70 tonnes of firewood every three years! Continuous cover forestry is the way forward for so many reasons.

Martin Lyttle; caretaker Hollywood forest, Carlow

Continuous Cover Forestry seemed like a ‘no-brainer’, and it was always our plan for our forest site, even before we knew there was a term for it. Having grown up on a farm it’s clear to me that working in…

Anna Browne: Forest Owner

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