What people are saying

Our 2 acres of woodland is more diverse and thriving; and is providing 70 tonnes of firewood every three years! Continuous cover forestry is the way forward for so many reasons.

Martin Lyttle; caretaker Hollywood forest, Carlow

To me, ProSilva forest management provides the means where forests can be manged to produce high quality timber and in a financial and ecologically sustainable manner, whilst maintaining forest condition and habitat.

Padriag O’Tuama: Forest Consultant, former District Manager for Coillte; Past Chair of Pro Silva Ireland 2010-15

Close-to-Nature forestry is good for forests, people and the planet.  I’m excited to be a part of a growing conversation for permanent forests in Ireland.

Cathy Fitzgerald; Pro Silva Ireland Committee, eco-social artist, caretaker – Hollywood Forest, Carlow