Pro Silva Ireland UCD talk on Conversion to Continuous Cover Forestry (CCF) in the era of Climate Change by Dr. Pavel Bednar

 Download a PDF of the talk here: Dr Bednar’s talk Pro Silva Ireland hosted public talk in UCD on the 25th April on the building of adaptive forests in the era of climate change. Dr Bednar, a researcher for the Forestry…

The Hollywood Forest Story: an ongoing eco-social art practice for permanent forestry in Ireland and elsewhere

Long-term Pro Silva Ireland committee member and our webmaster Cathy Fitzgerald, was selected as artist of the month by the international network. Pro Silva Ireland’s committee reflects the diversity of folk involved in forestry and woodland  on the island…

On the right site, established spruce plantations can present an opportunity to convert to CCF systems, transforming over time to become the diverse and resilient woodlands we need for the ongoing provision of timber and other ecosystem services.

Membership of Pro Silva Ireland has been a really enriching experience for me both professionally and personally.  Those of us who founded Pro Silva Ireland back in 2000 did so to explore the alternatives to clearfelling in Ireland.  But we discovered this amazing network of like minded forestry people, as diverse yet connected as the forest itself.

Continuous Cover Forestry seemed like a ‘no-brainer’, and it was always our plan for our forest site, even before we knew there was a term for it. Having grown up on a farm it’s clear to me that working in harmony with nature is always the correct choice. Ecosystems evolve as they do for a reason and it’s so important to respect them!