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Pro Silva Ireland

Advancing Continuous Cover Forestry to prioritise the integration of environmental, social and economic benefits of forests

Pro Silva Ireland

Continuous Cover Forestry (CCF), also known as closer-to-nature forestry, is a forest management system that integrates the environmental, social and economic benefits of forestry by maintaining the forest canopy and embracing natural regeneration to replace harvested trees. 


CCF is a forest management practice that respects the natural processes of forest growth and renewal, creates space for biodiversity and protects habitats


CCF enables the development of permanent forests, which provide society with multiple social benefits, including beautiful spaces for recreation and well-being


At the heart of CCF management is the management of individual trees for the production of quality timber, ensuring that the forest ecosystem is profitable and sustainable 

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Our Spring Field Day, on Saturday 27th April 2024, is a joint event with the Royal Forestry Society where we will visit the Winner of the RDS 2022 Production Forestry Award, Seaforde Estate, Co. Down.