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Thoughts From The Woods

Paddy Purser, forestry consultant, shares his thoughts on the development of the organisation and practicing CCF in Ireland.

Faith Wilson, ecologist, shares her thoughts on the ecological and environmental benefits of CCF. 

Liam Byrne, forestry contractor, discusses the multifunctional benefits of CCF and the honour of hosting the Pro Silva Annual Meeting 2023. 

Forestry consultant Phil Morgan shares his thoughts on how the practice of CCF has evolved in Ireland over the past 25 years. 

Jonathan Spazzi, Teagasc Forestry Development Officer, shares his thoughts on engaging forest owners and foresters in CCF management and finding local solutions to global problems. 

Manus Crowley, forester and ecologist, shares his thoughts on the importance of encouraging the next generation into forestry and engaging with the principles of CCF. 

Go behind the scenes at the Pro Silva Annual Meeting 2023 with the event coordinator, Olive Leavy

Information videos and webinars

Pro Silva Ireland Webinar: Forest Establishment Design for Continuous Cover Forestry with panellists Manus Crowley, Padraig O’Tuama and Paddy Purser. March 2024

Pro Silva Ireland Webinar: Deer Management and Continuous Cover Forestry Feb 2024

Pro Silva Ireland members Manus Crowley and Olive Leavy on Ear to the Ground, Nov 2023

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Pro Silva Ireland Webinar: Exploring The Belowground Forest Ecosystem Nov 2023

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Pro Silva Ireland Webinar: Conversion to continuous cover forestry in the era of climate change

CCFG webinar: a long-term study of transformation to CCF in Sitka Spruce in Ireland

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Pro Silva Ireland Webinar: Natural Regeneration