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Organisations & Societies

Pro Silva Europe Pro Silva Ireland members are very welcome to join the Pro Silva Europe online network here

Pro Silva Denmark

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Pro Silva Italy

Continuous Cover Forestry Group (Pro Silva UK)

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Naturgemässte Waldwirtschaft (Pro Silva Germany)

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Naturgemässte Waldwirtschaft (Pro Silva Switzerland)

Irish Natural Forestry Foundation established in West Cork in 2002 to research, demonstrate, and promote sustainable forestry practices based on native broadleaf trees.

Irish Timber Growers Association

Society of Irish Foresters is a website developed by the Society of Irish Foresters. This website gives the reader an easy to understand overview of the Irish forestry sector, while at the same time, providing access to more detailed information on topics such as trees species, growing forests, wood processing and the public goods and services that our forests provide.

Irish Forest Owners

Forestry and Timber Association (UK)

The Tree Council of Ireland

Crann is an Irish organisation dedicated to increasing the percentage area of broadleaf trees, improving stand structure in existing broadleaf woods, support sustainable use of Irish hardwoods and improve public awareness

The Royal Forestry Society (UK)

Institute Of Chartered Foresters (UK)

Soil Association (UK) runs a forest certification programme, Woodmark, which has certified more than 2 million hectares of forest since 1992. They have taken over the auditing of Coillte

Reforesting Scotland promotes awareness of the deforestation of Scotland and intends to facilitate ecological restoration and community development through reforestation

Tir Coed is a Welsh organisation similiar to Crann

Forest Stewardship Council

Voice is an Irish environmental organisation

Friends of the Irish Environment which, among other information, provides the Forest Network Newsletter to which Pro Silva Ireland has contributed

Community Forests are a national programme of major environmental improvements reaching half of England’s population, and being shaped by local people

Worldwide Fund for Nature is a global organization that is doing all it can to halt the accelerating destruction of our natural world.

Forests Forever is an initiative of the Timber Trade Federation and was established in 1990 as an independent, voluntary-funded body to represent the views of all timber and wood using industries in the UK on environmental issues

The Tree Register is a Registered Charity with a unique database of over 125,000 of our most notable trees in Britain and Ireland

Tarkine National Coalition is an organisation based in Tasmania, which aims to protect the largest tract of Rainforest in Australia from clear fell.

National & International Bodies

Woodlands of Ireland is a group focusing on our Native Woodlands

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations provides an introduction to Irish Forestry on this page

European Forest Institute is an independent non-governmental organisation conducting European forest research

Forest Service (Republic of Ireland) is responsible for forest policy and the promotion of private forestry. It administers forestry grant schemes and is responsible for forest protection, the control of felling as well as the promotion and support of research in forestry and forest products

Forest Service (Northern Ireland) is responsible for promoting the interests of forestry in Northern Ireland, the development of afforestation, the production and supply of timber, and the maintenance of adequate reserves of growing trees

Forest Service (USA) manages public lands in national forests and grasslands

Forest Service (Canada) is responsible for the sustainable development of Canada’s forests and competitiveness of the Canadian forest sector for the well-being of present and future generations of Canadians

Forestry Commission (UK) is the government department responsible for the protection and expansion of Britain’s forests and woodlands

Teagasc’s Forestry Development Unit (Republic of Ireland) provides integrated forestry advice, training and research to landowners. The advice and training services are free.

COFORD is the National Council for Forest Research and Development in the Republic of Ireland

The Heritage Council (Republic of Ireland) is a statutorily independent body, established under the Heritage Act, 1995. The Council has a Strategic plan for the development of the forestry sector

National Parks and Wildlife Service


An introduction to Pro Silva Principles of forestry management from Pro Silva Europe

Pro Silva Europe’s Proclamation of Hanover

A summary of and details on how to purchase the booklet Continuous Cover Forestry by Rodney Helliwell.

Uneven-aged silviculture in Britain by Gary Kerr (PDF)

Wildlife Management

British Deer Society is a registered charity devoted to the welfare of deer

Woodland Deer Management by Ronald Rose (PDF)

The Wild Deer Association of Ireland is a national organization for deer management and conservation. The association was formally known as the Southern Deer Society

Further Information Resources

Managing Continuous Cover Forests UK Forestry Commission Operational Guidance Booklet No. 7.

Forestry Act, 2014 (Republic of Ireland)

This web based version of the book The Trees of Great Britain and Ireland written by Henry John Elwes & Augustine Henry and printed in 1913. To view the pages one needs to install a free plug-in provided at the site. This book is available thanks to the University of Georgia Libraries

A Primer of Forestry Part I and A Primer of Forestry Part II are two publications by Gifford Pinchot of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forestry Division printed in 1905. This is a good reference tool

The British Trees web site provides an introductory guide to native British trees

Social Broadleaves genetic resources in Ireland by John Fennessy, published by the European Forest Genetic Resources Programme

Irish Timber Forestry Magazine

Forestry Directory of Ireland provided by The Irish Timber and Forestry Magazine Forestry (UK) publishes refereed papers covering the results of original research and practice in forestry

A summary of landscape planning and environmental impact design on Forestry from Tom Turner’s book of the same title

IUFRO is a non-profit, non-governmental international network of forest scientists

Botanical Image Database provided by the university of Basel, Switzerland

Forest Images is a joint project between Bugwood Network and the USDA Forest Service

Earth’s Forests is an educational site giving an introduction to the subject of Forests

Private Estates

Stourhead Estate

General Land Management

Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) national mapping and geographic information services for the Republic of Ireland

Irish Peatland Conservation Council

The Irish Farmers Journal