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Field day in Co. Wicklow

A joint field day with Irish Timber Growers Association (ITGA) on Friday 24th May in Knockrath Private Forest, Co. Wicklow, exploring advanced transformation to CCF.

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10:30 am

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3:30 pm


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Knockrath Forest is a 229 ha. private forest broken up into a series of smaller properties. It is owned by David Brabazon and has been in transformation to CCF management since 2005. Knockrath Forest is located in the Avonmore River Valley (or Clara Vale) and the soils are generally acid brown earths – suitable for native Sessile Oak woodland but also Douglas fir and a range of commercial conifer species.

Please bring suitable clothing & footwear and a packed lunch


11.00 AM Welcome by Paddy Purser, Pro Silva Ireland, and David Brabazon, Forest Owner

The morning session will be at Ballyhad Property where we will:

  • See some stands with prolific Western hemlock regeneration along with Douglas fir and Sitka spruce
  • See a mixed stand of Sitka spruce, Douglas fir and broadleaves and discuss its transition to CCF management
  • Visit Tipi Adventures woodland glamping site

After lunch we will make our way to a nearby site to visit a more advanced CCF stand.

Note that parking at the second location is very limited, so your co-operation in carpooling will be very much appreciated.

Here we will:

  • Walk through a mixed stand of Douglas fir, Japanese larch, Sitka spruce, Norway spruce, Western Hemlock, Beech and other Conifers and Broadleaves in transformation to CCF.
  • Discuss the external influences such as invasive deer, neighbouring conservation forests, water and tourism and how the forest management practice addresses these influences.
  • Discuss the AFI (Association Futaie Irréguliére) inventory system which is in place in this stand and consider results of 15 years of measurements from this stand and what the future holds for this forest.
  • Discuss how CCF management could be adopted at a catchment level in terms of water quality management and recreational experience while maintaining the production of high quality timber.

Please register in advance to help with logisitics

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