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The Society of Irish Foresters in association with ProSilva Ireland Continuous Cover Forestry Open Forest Day Fri 27 Sept 2013

August 14, 2013

Upcoming ProSilva Ireland Continuous Cover forest study day in association with the Society of Irish Foresters – all welcome.

Date:    Friday, 27th September 2013

Time:        10.00 am

Meeting Point:         The entrance to Gurteen Wood, Ballyhooley Forest

Directions:    Travel to Ballyhooley on the N72 between Fermoy and Castletownroche in Co. Cork. Take the road signposted Kilavullen and take the first road to your left immediately at the small roundabout after crossing the bridge.  Take the first road to the left and starting point is at first forest entrance along that road.

Continuous Cover Forestry or “Irregular Forest Management”* is a set of interventions (selective felling and cleaning operations) that is applied to a stand in order to maintain or transform a stand to a predetermined state (species mixture, standing volume, stand structure).  At the level of the sub-compartment, irregular forest management aims not to create any form of spatial or stem size homogeneity.  It aims to ensure good tree vitality, best possible timber quality, a wide variety of locally adapted species and continuous renewal”.

(*Management of Irregular Forests – Developing the full potential of the forest.  Assocation Futaie Irréguilere , 2011)

Morning Session: 10.30 – 12.30

During the morning session we will have three different stop looking at different aspects of transformation of even-aged forest to Continuous Cover Forest.

Stop 1 will be in 1972 planted Western Hemlock compartment where we will discuss “Transformation to Continuous Cover Forestry at later stages in rotation”.

Stop 2 will be in a second rotation forest that was reforested in 1988 and where we will discuss “Practicing CCF in Mixed High Forest in area of reforestation where Bi regeneration became dominant”.

Stop 3 will be in a almost pure P/1988 Oak where we will discuss “Planning CCF in Oak woodland ready for first thinning”

12.30 -1.30 pm – Lunch.

Participants are advised to bring a packed Lunch.  

Afternoon Session: 1.30 – 4.00 pm

In the afternoon we will visit the nearby Castleblagh property where the discussion will centre on timber quality, adding value and the economic aspects of managing forests under continuous cover forest.

Stop 1 will be in two adjoining blocks, an SS forest, YC 24 and DF Forest, YC 22, both   planted in 1988 and ready for second thinning where we will discuss “Transformation to CCF at early stages in rotation in SS and DF plantations and Economics of CCF”. An example of crown thinning will be demonstrated.

Stop 2 will be in DF forest, YC 22 planted in 1971 where we will discuss Increasing asset value in DF in transformation to CCF. Natural regeneration

Leaders:  Pat Roche (Coillte), John Landy (Coillte) Pádraig Ō Tuama (Coillte and ProSilva Ireland).

Invited Expert on CCF – Andy Poore (CCFG/ ProSilva Great Britain)

Andy Poore MA (Cantab)(Econ), MSc (EnvFor)

andyAndy acts as a manager for a number large private estates in Southern England. He is particularly experienced in managing sites with high nature conservation and heritage values. Other areas of specific expertise are broadleaved silviculture and mensuration in Continuous Cover stands.

ProSilva Ireland – A new vision for Irish Forests: integrated Close-to-Nature permanent forest management for resilience and sustainability

ProSilva Ireland promotes forest management strategies which optimise the maintenance, conservation and utilisation of Forest ecosystems in such a way that the ecological and socio-economic functions are sustainable and profitable.

The general approach to management which is advocated by Pro Silva includes market and non-market objectives and takes the whole forest ecosystem into consideration.

With reference to sustainability in its broadest sense including all their uses ProSilva believes that forest provide four categories of benefit to society.  These are:

1. Conservation of ecosystems;

2. Protection of soil and climate;

3.Production of timber and other products;

4. Recreation, amenity and cultural aspects.

Further information on ProSilva can be obtained on the ProSilva Ireland website


Society of Irish Foresters is a new website developed by the Society of Irish Foresters.  Our aim is that it will be a useful source for anybody seeking information on any aspect of forestry in Ireland. covers all aspects of forestry. This website gives the reader an easy to understand overview of the Irish forestry sector, while at the same time, providing access to more detailed information on topics such as trees species, growing forests, wood processing and the public goods and services that our forests provide.
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The kind assistance of Coillte in organising and hosting this field day is gratefully acknowledged.

This event is worth six Society of Irish Foresters CPD points.

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